I talk to myself.

I know that it sounds a bit weird but that’s what I do quiet a lot.

It’s not that I feel lonely or something. I’m just thinking about a conversation I could have and I’m starting to talk in real life. Just like danisnotonfire. I’ve been talking to myself about writing this post on my way back home. It’s not sad or depressing it’s just weird. When I’m my brain starts thinking about the most random things and people so I just talk with them. Well…not at all but you know what I mean. I like talking to myself in bathroom because there’s a big mirror there so I can talk to myself while staring into my own eyes (again just like dan but I relate to his videos so much). Always first hour is me sitting on a bath staring at the mirror. YAY! Everybody hates me for this.

I don’t know why but when I’m in public whiteout friends (I don’t have friends but let’s ignore this sad fact) I feel like I’m alone and it makes me feel bored and when I’m bored I start to think and it just happens. When I catch myself on talking I just try to act normal and walk away from people who might have seen in as fast as it’s possible. Responsibility? No, thank you!

It’s nothin wrong(I hope). Mabye I just don’t want to have a ,,dissagreement” with people so I talk to myself becouse whatever happens I never have a problem with this person? Mabye I like to have a control? Mabye normal conversations are boring for me and I have to imagine something more creative or fascinating? Nah. I think I’ just a weird potatoe.



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