Spring is my favourite time of the year because you can see those changes and how everything wakes up to life + it smells amazing outside!

Spring also gives me energy. I want to do new things, find new hobbies, take better care of by flowers and myself. It’s just amazing. I can’t find better word for it. I started this blog because of spring energy. I started to write a book, I tried to paint again wich was more fun than I expected. I also wanted to do some crocheting and apparently I can’t do it but I don’t want to stop now. I’ll try. Few years ago I have been making earings and I still have materials for it so I through: I’ll try again and see how I do. And I’m very proud of myself. I also made a little table of taking care of my favourite flower kalanchoe. My flowers got worse through winter and I stopped to take care of them so I home that it will make me want play with them again. I hope you also have amazing spring and see you tomorrow 🙂




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