Everybody LOVES Undertale. If you somehow never heard about this game, it’s pixel art, amazing game about monsters and humans.

It have a lot of little touches that makes it incredible. For example: In the beginning Toriel calls you and asks what do you prefer – cinnamon or butterscotch. I have chosen cinnamon. Then I quitted the game before saving. When I came back to it Toriel called me again but this time she said that she feels like she asked me that question already and she also thinks that I’m gonna choose cinamon. AMAZING! I feel like those kind of stuff makes Undertale Undertale. You know what I mean?

There are a lot of different characters with different personalities wich makes you love every single one of them. I really like Papyrus and Sans. Papyrus is so silly and he tries so hard to be cool and…his laugh. God his laugh. NYEHAHAHAHHAHAH…HEH. Sans is a cool guy that tells bad jokes but I feel like there’s something more to him. Like he knows much more than he tells you. Like his way more clever than he seems. Plus his words ane written in comic sans wich is so funny to me. There are a lot more characters but those two are my favourites.

I called my character Bob because Fernando was too long.

If you read this please leve comment. That will show me that somebody raelly read it. And please tell what whas good or what was bad because I want to do my best. 🙂

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂




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