MIKA is my favourite singer right now.

My favourite song of his is ,,Underwater”. I don’t really know what to write about now. He just have amazing voice so if you have time go on YouTube or Spotify and check him out. It’s worth it. He’s reeeeaaaaallllyyyy good! I belive that Queen is his inspiration because of his high voice singing.

I also really like his new album called ,,No Place In Heaven”. My favourite songs from it are ,,Oh Girl You’re The Devil” and ,,No Place In Heaven” itself. I’m not a really big fan of his other album ,,Origin Of Love” wich is funny because ,,Underwater” is from this album. Let’s just say that things between me and”Origin Of Love” are complicated.:)

I thought there’s nothing to write about. I was wrong I see.

If you read this then please write a comment. It will show me that somebody actually have seen it wich is gonna be really helpful and heartwarming 🙂

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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