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Skyrim DESTROYED my life. I love it so much.

If you somehow don’t know whan Skyrim is. It’s an open world game about dragons and other creatures you have to defeat.

In the beginning you have to choose your race. I have chosen Nord. And became a wizard. Now I’m level 33 and I have really good equipment but I can’t tell you whan I have because I’m polish and I have polish version of the game. If you can speak polish or you’re just interested I have Szata Arcymaga, Maska Morokeja, buty Gildii Złodziei, rękawice Gildii Złodzieji and pierścień zniszczenia. I’m very proud of what I have. Lidia of mine (it sounds weird) is wearing ebon armor, ebon gloves and ebon helmet. She still have Blades shoes because I haven’t found ebon one yet. I have already found Miko wich is so cool but she(or he I’m not sure) lies down and blocks my way. Always. Just…Just always.

I’m one of the Companions wich is also really fun and I’m a werewolf.<3 It means I can’t get sick and became a vampire wich is so good because it was really annoying when I couldn’t fight vampires and don’t get sick. I love being a werewolf!

Game is amazing and definitley worth checking out if you’re looking for a cool rpg game. 🙂

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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