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I’m so happy!

I like writing. I’m writing tiny books that probably will never see the sunlight, but there was competition….A book made of student’s  storys. Ten will be in the book and I’m 10th one! I have never been more proud. It’s so amazing to succeed it what you love, isn’t it?

Book is published in polish and it probably won’t be published in english. Sorry if I’m wrong. It’s not my fault. I’m a walking disaster so don’t judge me.

I’m so happy right now and I can’t wait to get a copy of it. This post wasn’t very interesting right? Anyway! I’m very excited. There were over eighty people who sented their stories so it’s crazy! It gave me the power. I’m writing so much more right now and I have the second chapter of ,,Warriors of the Dimention”, but probably nobody will ever read it. And it doesn’t matter because I’m doing it for fun and I love it! 😀

I dare you to…smile. Because it’s a beautiful day.:)

Writing this was a pleasure.:)



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