Something Random – kuokas

Kuokas are one of the most adorable animals of all time. They always smile! ALWAYS.

They’re about 40–54 cm long , they weigh about 2,7-4,2 kg. (wow) They live about 5 years. (fascinating, I know). They’re main enemy is a fox.( *papyruses voice* wowie!) Who doesn’t want a kouka? What? You don’t? Stop lying to yourself. You want one? Oh yes you do! I know I do. I know I want ice cream. Mango one! ❤ Or white chocolate. ❤ God I love food. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, kuokas! You can actually buy it! It’s weird but you can!

I hope you enjoyed it. I want Something Random to be full prospering thing on justmariasite. Posts are gonna be short, quick, I’ll also try to add a little bit more humor to them. 🙂

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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