My near death experiance.

It happened this Christmas. My mom decided that she’s gonna tidy up wardrobe. Not the inside of it. The actual wardrobe. She didn’t know how to clean up the top. So she decided she’s gonna use vacuum cleaner but it wasn’t long enough. She got the chair and asked me to come over to hold vacuum cleaner in the air. I heard something above me and I had this weird Sherlock two seconds and a lot of thinking moment. What was above me? Lamp. I hid my head under my hands and lampshade made of glass and wood fallen on me. It was painful as hell! If I would look up id could mess up my face, break by nose. If I wouldn’t use my heands I could get brain concussion or something even worse. But luckily nothing happened. I mean it was probably the worst pain I ever experienced and I was a little dizzy but it’s okay.

Guess what day was it. Friday 13th! It’s weird but I’m scared now. I never believed on Friday 13th but now I kind of do. I don’t want to belive but in the back of my head I’m scared.

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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