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Don’t Starve

A few days ago I made a post about a DLC to this game and I said that I’m gonna make a post about a game itself so here we go!

Don’t Starve in an awesome game about surviving on an island. It have a very cool cartoony art style that makes it look creepy and interesting. Characters are very original. They are also very creepy and I love it. There is a Wilson gentlemen scientist ( Grows a magnificent beard). , Willow a little girl who loves  fire ( Immune to fire damage. Has a sweet lighter. Lights fires when nervous.), Wendy having visitors at night (  ‘Haunted’ by her twin sister. Comfortable with darkness. Doesn’t hit very hard. ) and many, many other characters with their own special powers 🙂

Game isn’t easy because of monsters that will attack you in their part of the game.

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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