I’m back! (again)

I haven’t been posting for a while (again, sorry). There were a few things going on so let me explain.

I have been on a tip for nine days and I just wasn’t able to post anything. I’ll probably make a post about it, but that’s later.

I had a few problems with my computer for the last three days. I have lost everything I had on this computer but all problems are gone so I can take it. 🙂 By that I mean progress in all my games (goodbye level 50 in Skyrim  :,() and my story’s are gone, but my one true love is healthy now XD. But there is a good side. I can have Witcher 3 now. I couldn’t before because of some things I didn’t understand. I think it’s because I had 32 bit software and Witcher need 64. Now it’s also fixed and I can’t wait to play it. It’s a Polish game and that makes me sooooo happy, but there is one  thing that I’m wondering about. How they have translated some stuff? Like how do you translate ,,Kręcisz się jak gówno w przeręblu” or ,,Ciemność widzę!” to English. I have heard Yennefer talking to Geralt about placki ziemniaczane. Placki ziemniaczane are pancakes made of potatoes. Is that a thing out of Poland? Potato pancakes? Please let me know :P.

I was talking for way too long already. I’m sorry again.

Writing this was a pleasure. 🙂



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